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I highly recommend Northern Utah Dog Training

We just finished the basic/advanced training with my trainer. I can’t say enough about how great it was. I have a 2 year old boxer mix that I rescued 6 months ago, she came with very limited basic commands and a strong prey drive. She made tons of progress on the basic and advance commands and is like a whole new dog. I get compliments on her good behavior everywhere we go. She is happy and loves her continued training. The best part is I have the skills and confidence to continue helping her become even better.

I highly recommend Northern Utah Dog Training.

Cassie O

Cassie O.  // Verified Facebook Review

It really works!

My 7 month old German Shorthair Pointer has been home one month now from the 2 week board and train with my trainer. I am beyond pleased with the results! This breed has so much energy and he’s a completely changed pup. His manners are so much better. He used to “counter surf”, chew everything and I couldn’t walk him on a leash without him walking me!

Now I can have him off leash in the front yard and he stays in the yard and responds to all my commands with distractions. I can take him on walks and he stays on my left side and never pulls. I just had a New Years Eve party and didn’t have to lock him up….he behaved and was part of the fun. I never was able to have him around company since he would jump on everyone.

My trainer did a great job of teaching me what my pup had learned over the 2 weeks. I highly recommend this training, it really works!

Jaye C

Jaye C.  // Verified Facebook Review

I would recommend this training to everyone with a dog!!

This dog training is worth every penny!! Our puppy Daisy went through the basic obedience training at K9 off leash, and is so well behaved now! Before training she would chew up our floors and walls, jump on visitors, and sneak out our backyard to find kids to befriend.

Now we can take Daisy on walks and to the park without worrying that she will run away or struggle to listen. We are so pleased with the training process, and how we were taught step by step how to help Daisy progress.

Each week I was amazed with how much she learned and changed! My trainer was so loving and understanding with our pup. He clearly explained every step of the process and answered any questions we had! I would recommend this training to everyone with a dog!!

Rikki P

Rikki P.   // Verified Facebook Review


This program is a game changer!!! Our 5 m/o Goldendoodle Marley was already a good, sweet puppy but was hard to control on walks. She’d pull on the leash to the point that she’d choke herself and would NOT come when she’d play with other dogs at the beach. It was sometimes embarrassing to chase after her when it was time to go or yell her name 10 times in a row to no avail.

We knew we wanted to do Off Leash training since we got her and could hardly wait for her to turn 5 months old so she could do the board & train program. My trainer was so great about keeping us informed along the way – texting us pictures and progress videos so we could see what she was learning. It was reassuring to “see” her so often. When I went to pick her up, she followed all the commands with me and I just couldn’t believe how easy it was to walk around the block with her.

Now I look forward to walks and have fun practicing commands with her all around the neighborhood and community. I’m excited to keep reinforcing what she’s learned and look forward to the trust I’ll have in her as she gets better and better. Thanks to my trainer! You rule!!!

Madison P

Madison P.  // Verified Facebook Review

We are so impressed

We are so impressed with with Northern Utah Dog Training. Our puppy was very impulsive and would bolt out the door as soon as it was opened. He also had a few bad habits like jumping on people and counters.

We purchased the basic obedience package and after the first lesson our puppy was so much better. Our trainer taught us so much and our dog is so much better behaved. We can have him in our front yard now off leash and he stays right by our side. Pic of our dog “placing” on a walk.


Cassie D.  // Verified Facebook Review

We’re forever grateful

Our yellow lab Leo did the board and train when he was 8 months old. He’s 2.5 now and we just did a refresher with Gunner. Leo did great, it was me that really needed the refresher. I’m working with Leo for 15 minutes everyday and he is so happy to work. He does what’s asked of him and hasn’t lost his personality or spirit.

Nothing is better than a relationship based on mutual respect and trust. That’s exactly what our family got with help from Off Leash K9 Training. We’re forever grateful that our kids will have fond memories of the perfectly trained dog that they grew up with.


Sarah H.   // Verified Facebook Review

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